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World classic in Ukrainian

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Андрій Бондаренко та Григорій Ганзбург з клавіром опери

«World of classical music — in Ukrainian!» is a project aimed to revive the tradition of vocal performances of works by composers of different national schools in Ukrainian translations.


Renaissance vocal music performance tradition in Ukrainian translation

Objectives of the project:

to make possible to learn vocal art works for students and graduate students of music schools as well as all the interested musicians and music lovers in their native language;
to make possible to performe vocal art works for vocalists in their native language;
to increase the authority of Ukrainian language in artistic circles, public awareness of its artistic possibilities.

Internationalisation initiative

It is widely known that any information is much more understandable if being read in mother-language of reader. That’s why such project as for example Wikipedia aimed to share free knowledge all over the world is developing as a multilingual project. Also it is widely known that vocal music affects much deeper being sung in mother-language of listener. That’s why we try to share Ukrainian vocal translations in Ukraine and also invite musicians from all over the world to share vocal translations in their native languages in their countries!